Bullit 600 outboard

The Bullit 600 outboard is an aluminum lightweight boat and offers boating pleasure for friends and family. The tender boat is 6.00m long and 2.15m wide. The draft is 0.40m and the headroom 1.12m. The hull weight is 600kg and the design category is C.

The lightweight aluminum tender is characterized by excellent sailing characteristics, stability and style. An advantage of aluminum boats is that they are low maintenance, they can remain in the water in winter and freeze if necessary. Above all, aluminum is foolproof, because it is not broken. This makes our boats resistant to vandalism. The Bullit 600 is multifunctional, which is why this indestructible aluminum boat – with the necessary modifications – is also used as a work boat. Think of fireboats, patrol boats or enforcement boats.

All Alumax boats have self-draining valves in the hull so that water can easily drain out of the boat. Very handy for cleaning the boat!

Why outboard?

Unlike an inboard engine, the investment in an outboard engine is lower compared to the number of HP. Note: if a boat goes faster than 20 km per hour there is a license requirement. The Bullit 660 outboard offers comfort, convenience and sufficient speed to experience water fun in various forms. The Bullit 660 outboard is also ideal for water sports.

Are you Bullit proof?

The Bullit series consists of 6 indestructible, self-draining and maintenance-free tenders. The aluminum boats are designed and built at our yard in Meppel and promote carefree boating pleasure. Available with inboard diesel engine, outboard gasoline engine or an electric motor. Because aluminum is much lighter than for example a comparable polyester sloop, they can also sail much faster. The Bullit series is designed for these speeds. They remain flat and above all stable sailing, so you do not have to stand. Moreover, they are easy to trailer. Are you going to cast off the ropes?

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Why an aluminum boat?


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