As we have already described in the article ‘Ultimate enjoyment with an electric boat’, the choice for an electric drive is one for the future. When choosing a boat you have – now – 2 other choices in propulsion. Namely, an outboard petrol engine (outboard) or an inboard diesel engine (inboard). Below we list the advantages of an electric POD motor. Good luck making your choice!

  1. You are future-proof;
  2. No noise = enjoy in silence;
  3. Access to areas where you can only sail electrically;
  4. More maintenance-friendly;
  5. More accessible to landlords;
  6. No emissions and no vibrations;

But what exactly is an electric POD motor?

The electric motor, the propeller and the steering are brought together in one so-called ‘POD’ drive. This unit rotates entirely around the vertical axis and thus steers the boat. A seal has been placed at the passage through the ship, which keeps the water out of the ship. The engine is water cooled. Do you want to know how you can best take care of the batteries? You can read that here.

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