bullit 660 tender

When choosing a boat you still have three choices in propulsion. Namely, an inboard diesel engine (inboard), an electric POD engine or an outboard gasoline engine. Here we list the advantages of an outboard motor. Good luck making your choice!

  1. In contrast to an inboard engine, the investment in an outboard engine is lower compared to the number of horsepower. Please note: if a boat goes faster than 20 km per hour, a license is required;
  2. The motor can be ‘folded up’, making it easier to remove weed from the propeller, for example;
  3. Outboard motors are easier to maintain;
  4. Also steers very well in reverse (it steers with screw water);
  5. An outboard motor steers more directly;
  6. The engine itself is lighter in weight compared to the number of horsepower, which means that it is sportier and faster.

But what exactly is an outboard motor?

An outboard motor is an engine that is attached to the rear (the transom) of a boat and is used to propel the boat. The engine can not only provide propulsion, but usually also serves as a rudder. To this end, the motor is rotatably suspended from the boat. Would you like a sporty boat that responds quickly to your steering skills? Then we recommend a boat with an outboard motor!

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