Alumax works

Working at Alumax Boats means choosing an ambitious company that is growing steadily. We now employ about twenty-five people divided between hull, finishing and the office. At Alumax you will help build beautiful, sometimes high-profile aluminum boats ranging from 4.00 m to 24.00 m. Alumax Boats builds its boats for a wide variety of customers: from individuals throughout the country, and sometimes abroad, to renowned companies or organizations such as the Department of Public Works, various safety regions, water cab Rotterdam and various ports. Alumax Boats’ aluminum boats can be found all over the world: from Vietnam to Paraguay and from Finland to Africa.

Working in a team

Working at Alumax Boats also means choosing a company with an informal work atmosphere. We always start the working day at 7:30 am and stop at 4:45 pm. In between, we take breaks and pleasant conversations take place. On Friday we always end the working week with a drink and something ‘to snack’. Prior to the summer vacations, we close during the construction period, we do something fun with the entire team. Before our Christmas vacations – from Christmas to New Year’s Eve – we close the year with the whole team in a festive way.

Working on yourself

Working at Alumax Boats also means working on your personal development. We give you the opportunity to expand your knowledge and skills. Not only by following courses or training, but mainly by doing. You can always count on the help and support of the team.

Are you interested?

Please contact Danny Pol on 0522 24 22 12

Current vacancies

  • Aluminum hull builder (M/F)
  • (Electrical) Mechanics (M/F)