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Alumax boats are standard handmade of seawater resistent aluminium. Which are indestructible and also self-draining and maintenance- free


Indestructible but also affordable and fully customizable as desired. There are already many companies and government institutions that sail in a workboat made by Alumax Sloops. The maintenance-free, robustness and excellent sailing characteristics makes the alumax sloops...



Alumax aluminium sloops are indestructible, self-draining and maintenance free. Designed and build for carefree sailing pleasure. Available as inboard diesel, electric motor or outboard, possibly in a BUN. These rock solid tenders are very suitable for private renting...



Alumax aluminium tenders are tailor-made of indestructible aluminium. Which means that we are not attached to a mall, as we do with the polyester tender. This makes it possible to design and built the boat that YOU want. Water skiing, wake boarding, lounging, sunbathing, a day of fishing or just cruising around, with the Alumax tenders you can do it all...




On the edge of the city Meppel, 5 minutes away from the highway A32 with a view on Wanneperveen, is the Alumax Boats aluminium boat yard. The team consists of boat builders, aluminium welders, ship technical engineers, project leaders, sales and after sales. The boats are built here from A to Z. People who are interested are more than welcome to come and watch the process.

Alumax boats are made of seawater-resistant aluminium as standard and are self-draining without pumps or other energy-demanding devices. Partly because of this the Alumax boats are carefree and maintenance free.


in 2012, the standard model Alumax 450 up to and including the Alumax 600 was replaced by the new Bullit Tender ranging from Bullit 400 to the Bullit 720, available with both outboard and inboard diesel engines. The advantages are, among other things, that the floor and the hull are situated higher, making the boat better, self-draining and showing more of the boat on the water. Partly because of this, Bullit owners get a safe feeling while sailing.

Tenders during the London Olympics.

2012 was also the year that Alumax Boats won the contract to create 17 tenders for transporting many visitors during the London Olympic Games. All these boats were personally delivered in London.

Maas taxi Rotterdam.

In 2015 Alumax Boats was approached by Waterweg Rotterdam. The owner of the water taxis that sail over the Maas and are known for the striking color combination black / yellow and are a sight of the bustling city of Rotterdam. At that time the water taxis had polyester boats that had become heavy due to the absorbed water. After Alumax Boats digitized and improved the existing taxi boats, the first was delivered with 420 HP Cummins Diesel. Currently 10 boats made by Alumax Boats are already sailing there. These boats run 3500 hours a year without any problems and take 400,000 passengers from A to B every year.

Many preceded you:

From a solo sport fisherman to a large family or well-known Dutch person as a private individual, but also many professional users such as Rijkswaterstaat, BAM international, nature monuments, fire brigades, police, supervisors, road and water builders, fishing, rental and cruise companies, ferry services, port services, various taxi companies and many more.

M.O.B. Boats / SI boats / EN1914

The Bullit 400, The Bullit 470 and the John 500 have the EN1914 certificate. This means that these boats comply with the Shipping inspection that is required for dinghy vessels on inland vessels. Also called Man Over Boort boats.


Now under construction, among others, New harbor service boat for Scheveningen. Two water taxis for Rotterdam. Surveillance boat for Visserij Midden Nederland. "Traditional" aluminium Punter for Giethoorn. Renovation Fire boat.