On lakes, canals, rivers or at sea. They are always low-maintenance, self-draining, sturdy, handmade and use-friendly in different compositions.


From fire boat to water taxi: practical, self-draining, robust and tailor-made for different situations and purposes. From Vietnam to South America.

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Diesel, electric and now hydrogen driven. What do you need from a watertaxi boat to effectively put it to use? Read more >

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Full speed ahead

The Next E
The Next is an excellently constructed aluminum sloop with very pleasant sailing behavior. “Who can not sail in The Next,…
Bullit 540 outboard
The Bullit 540 outboard is an aluminum lightweight boat and offers boating pleasure for friends and family. The tender boat…
Bullit 660 inboard
The Bullit 660 inboard is an aluminum lightweight boat and offers boating fun for the whole family. The tender boat…
Aluminium Bullits

De kracht van veelzijdigheid

The aluminum boats from Alumax Boats are all multifunctional. Did you know that the Bullit 600 can also be used as a workboat or a fire boat?

Private Individuals

Aluminim sloops

Alumax aluminum sloops are indestructible, self-draining and maintenance free. Designed and built for carefree boating pleasure. Available with inboard diesel, electric engine or outboard, possibly in a bun. These sturdy sloops are of course very suitable for private individuals, but also ideal for rental. More information >


Aluminum workboats

Indestructible, but also affordable and fully customizable. There are already many companies and government institutions that sail in a workboat made at Alumax Boats. The ease of maintenance, robustness and excellent sailing properties make the Alumax boats… More information >



From a garaged in Hasselt (Overijssel, NL), Remko Germeraad and Jarno Visscher started their first company in their spare hours in 2003, named: Zwagers boating. A name that was not just chosen because – in addition to being business partners – Remko and Jarno are also brothers-in-law… More information >