We frequently get the question “how do I clean my aluminum boat?” The answer is actually very simple! Or well, actually we have made it extra simple…

Our boats are equipped with gutters and self-draining devices. This means that in the floor on both sides there is a gutter that turns into a self-draining system that drains dirt and water easily through the back of the boat.

Cleaning the boat

To clean you aluminum boat, all you need is a pressure washer/cleaner and a stiff brush. Even cold water will do the trick! If after clean it with these tools, you still aren’t able to get the dirt off your boat, try a little mild soap.

My underwater hull is very dirty

If your underwater hull is very dirty, try to spray it lightly with an underwater hull cleaner. Don’t let this soak in for long and only use it if you really have to!!! Do not use if your boat is wrapped, USE THIS FOR WRAPPED BOATS. 

TIP: remove the cushions and other items from the boat and clean the inside too! You better do it right while you’re at it anyway 😉


We can’t say it often enough: never use acidic products or products containing alcohol. This causes white stains and that would be a shame for you sturdy aluminum boat!