Multifunctional aluminum boats

The endless possibilities of the Bullit

The aluminum boats of Alumax Boats are almost all multifunctional. Take for example the Bullit 660 from the Bullit range. The Bullit 660 – often equipped with an outboard engine, but also available with an inboard diesele engine or even electric motor, is a real family or friends boat, but also a sturdy and ideal workboat for various purposes.
Thanks to our broad knowledge and years of experience in building aluminum boats for business use, we can meet almost all requirements that customers have. Even if changes need to be made to the design. For example: it is possible to place a push block on the bow of a workboat. But the installation and commissioning of a fire extinguishing system for a fire brigade is also possible. For inspection boats, we can also easily make a so-call multi0door or move the console to create more space. In short, the possibilities to use a Bullit as a workboat are almost endless!
Bullit 660 Fire brigade
The Bullit 660 especially made for the fire brigade with multi-door for divers and a push block on the bow.
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Bullit 660 Survey
The Bullit 660 as a survey boat with a cabin and an arrow system to make the bottom.
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