Watertaxi 30 XL

The Watertaxi 30 XL from Alumax is an aluminium taxiboat of 12,17m long by 3,15m wide. The draft is 0,66m and the vertical clearance is 2,74m. The weight of an empty vessel is 4000kg. The taxiboat is completely emission-free and therefore offers the cleanest form of passenger transport over water. The Watertaxi 30 XL is equipped with two 20Kw 96V water-cooled Bellmarine / Transfluid Drivemaster electric motors. In addition to the environmental benefits, the Watertaxi 30 XL is also silent and hardly vibrates while sailing.

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Other specs

Engines: 2x 20kW
Chargers: 40kW total
Battery: 114kW/h
Charge time: 3 hours
Battery backup: 1,5 Kw – 76km total

Cruising speed: 11km/h
Max speed: 15km/h

Safety approvals: ES-trin testing, RI&E testing, port regulations testing

Why an aluminum boat?


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