We distinguish between batteries for electric boating and starter batteries for inboard/outboard engines. Both variants are discussed below. 

Electric boating

With your electric boat you are 100% future proof but, your batteries doe need a little TLC.

In the winter you have 2 options to store you battery pack:

  1. Lithium pack? Sail your battery half empty or charge it half full, disconnect the battery and but the boat away.
  2. Traction pack? Charge the battery completely full, disconnect it and put the boat away.
    Or, if you don’t disconnect the battery, put it on charge for 3 days every 2 months. Preferably always put the boat in a heated winter storage.
General tips for taking good care of your batteries are:
  1. Always provide enough demineralized water (some packages have an alarm for this);
  2. If the Blincky flashes red you should fully charge your battery and top up demi water to the max;
  3. Always make sure the lead plates do not get dry;
  4. A heated garage is better for the battery voltage, but not a must;
  5. Keep the ventilation grids near the battery box free, preferably don’t put anything on or near the batteries (NO TOWELS);
  6. Never make an open fire and never smoke a cigarette or cigar while charging the boat;
  7. Want to save even more money? Make sure the underside of your boat stays clean, this ensure less resistance in the water and so your boat will sail smoothly through the canals.

Starter batteries

With a maintenance-free battery pack, you don’t have to worry about anything, but you do need to give your batteries a little bit of attention…

Store starter batteries in the winter:

Fully charge, disconnect and put away in a heated place.

Put the battery on the charger 3 days before you go sailing to make sure it can be used optimally.