Winterize your aluminum boat

[Have a look at the boat you see in the picture here] We’ve had tips for getting your boat ready before, but now it’s time

Design categories

Boats are classified into different design categories. Below is an explanation of each category. Category A This vessel is designed to operate in wind strengths

Suzuki’s microplastic filter

Our Bullit 600 outboard demo is equipped with Suzuki’s “Micro Plastic Collecting Device”. They are the first in the world to develop a microplastic filter

What is a weed filter?

A weed pot – or a weed filter – is a filter that ensures that no dirt gets into the cooling water system of your

The advantages of an electric drive

As we have already described in the article ‘Ultimate enjoyment with an electric boat’, the choice for an electric drive is one for the future.

The advantages of an inboard engine

When choosing a boat you still have three choices in propulsion. Namely, an outboard gasoline engine (outboard), electric POD engine or an inboard diesel engine

The advantages of an outboard engine

When choosing a boat you still have three choices in propulsion. Namely, an inboard diesel engine (inboard), an electric POD engine or an outboard gasoline

What is a tender boat?

“A tender is a ship that traditionally served to transport mail and passengers with their hand luggage to a seagoing vessel that is on stream

Check the wind before you go sailing!

It is important that you always check the local weather forecast before sailing. For example, also look at the turbulence on land and water. While

Nautical terminology for beginners

Below are some commonly used nautical terms and some unit conversion factors that are helpful to know. Download the tables here to take with you!