In this blog post, we dive deeper into the crucial role of harbor service vessels in the efficient and safe management of ports worldwide. We discuss their roles, responsibilities and how they contribute to smooth maritime logistics.

Worker 41: The Ultimate All-Around Workboat

The Worker 41, an aluminum workboat 12.50m long and 4.50m wide, weighs completely 13 tons. With a draft of 0.75m and a clearance of 2.60m, this boat is perfect for patrol and rescue operations. Equipped with advanced firefighting equipment, including a Mercury 3.0 V6 fire pump delivering 10,000 liters of water per minute, the Worker 41 offers maximum versatility and speed of 70 mph.

Worker 33: Robust Workboat for Harbor Management

The Worker 33, 10m long and 3.30m wide, weighs 3500kg. With a draft of 0.75m and a clearance of 2.60m, this boat is ideal for maintenance, inspection and measurements in harbors. With a Yanmar 170HP common rail diesel engine, the Worker 33 offers durable performance with minimal emissions.

Worker 850: All-Weather Workboat with Cabin

The Worker 850 is 8.50m long and 2.45m wide, with a draft of 0.80m and a clearance of 2.60m. Weighing 1600kg, this boat offers flexibility and reliability in all weather conditions. With a self-draining cockpit and options for both outboard and inboard engines, the Worker 850 is an indispensable force in the harbor.

Worker 750: Multifunctional Workboat for Every Job

The Worker 750, 7.50m long and 2.45m wide, weighs 1600kg. With a draft of 0.80m and a clearance of 2.60m, this boat is suitable for a variety of tasks, from patrols to fire and rescue operations. With options for different engines, the Worker 750 offers versatility in any harbor environment.

Worker 650: Durable Workboat for Diverse Missions

The Worker 650, 6.50m long and 2.46m wide, offers excellent cruising characteristics and reliable performance. With a V-bottom underwater hull and a powerful Yanmar inboard diesel engine, the Worker 650 is suitable for a variety of maritime challenges, from survey and patrol work to fire and police operations.

Workboat 600: Indispensable in Fire and Harbor Services

The Workboat 600, 6.00m long and 2.15m wide, is a favorite among various corps and port services. With rugged construction and excellent sailing characteristics, the Workboat 600 is perfect for professional use. From firefighting equipment to advanced navigation, this boat can be fully customized to meet the needs of any port environment.

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