A weed pot – or a weed filter – is a filter that ensures that no dirt gets into the cooling water system of your engine. Think of sand, mud, remains of aquatic plants or other objects that do not belong. If the cooling system stops working properly, the engine can overheat, sometimes causing serious damage.

Our inboards have a seaweed filter as standard! With the exception of boats with a different cooling system. A weed pot filters irregularities from the water before it cools the engine via a cooling water system. The pot is placed in an easily accessible place and has a transparent lid so that you can quickly see if there is a lot of dirt in it. If you check the pot regularly, you don’t have to worry about blockages! Tip: First close the shut-off valve for the cooling water.

Another advantage of the weed pot is that you can fill it with antifreeze in the colder months. Close the outside water and open the weed pot, so you can easily make your engine frost-free.