What is a tender boat?

“A tender is a ship that traditionally served to transport mail and passengers with their hand luggage to a seagoing vessel that is on stream

Check the wind before you go sailing!

It is important that you always check the local weather forecast before sailing. For example, also look at the turbulence on land and water. While

Nautical terminology for beginners

Below are some commonly used nautical terms and some unit conversion factors that are helpful to know. Download the tables here to take with you!

How to clean an aluminum boat

We frequently get the question “how do I clean my aluminum boat?” The answer is actually very simple! Or well, actually we have made it

Taking care of batteries

We distinguish between batteries for electric boating and starter batteries for inboard/outboard engines. Both variants are discussed below.  Electric boating With your electric boat you

Is your boat ready to go?

We don’t know about you, but we are already starting to get the boating jitters again. Hup, boat out of the storage (or tarpaulin off)

Ultimate joy with an electric boat

We see electrical developments increase more and more on the water. For example, there are more and more areas where you are no longer allowed

The benefits of aluminum

Why an aluminium boat? Compared  to polyester boats, aluminum boats are more durable, easier to repair and adapt to the wishes of the customer/owner and