Your aluminum boat is susceptible to metal particles in the water. Because aluminum is also a metal, it can collide with each other, causing an electrical reaction. This elctrolytic corrosion (also called pitting corrosion) can cause holes in your boat. An anode is a small block that you attach to your boat, preferably at the back where there is little resistance in the water. This block is also called a sacrificial metal, because it attracts the metal particles in the water so they will not “eat” your boat. This is also why the anode gets smaller over time, because it is eaten. The anode is actually the guardian angel of your boat!

Sailing on salt water?

Then it’s important to use an aluminum anode.

Sailing on fresh water?

Then take a magnesium anode.

Extra protection

An additional option to protect your boat is an antifouling layer, which protects against, among other things, fouling in the form of shells and plants.

Is your anode getting too small and you doubt it can last another year? Just contact us! We can put a new one on for you or we can send you a new anode.