7 tips for a safe trip

Do you know what to do to get out on the water safely now that the boating season has started again? To refresh your memory,

How to refill your batteries

The battery system indicates that batteries are almost empty, what should you do? Easy! Fully charge the batteries first. Then see if the flashing light

Winterize your aluminum boat

[Have a look at the boat you see in the picture here] We’ve had tips for getting your boat ready before, but now it’s time

Service app for outboard engines

The ‘Suzuki Diagnostic System Mobile’ app can be linked to your outboard motor via a multifunctional screen or smaller gauge. How does it work? The

Multi-day sloop trip

We have a great tip for you! Sometimes you come across one, one of those pearls that makes you think: “I have to share this!”

Taking care of batteries

We distinguish between batteries for electric boating and starter batteries for inboard/outboard engines. Both variants are discussed below.  Electric boating With your electric boat you

Is your boat ready to go?

We don’t know about you, but we are already starting to get the boating jitters again. Hup, boat out of the storage (or tarpaulin off)