Bull 50

We have a great tip for you!

Sometimes you come across one, one of those pearls that makes you think: “I have to share this!” and if we all have to stay in the Netherlands again next summer, we think this is the very best tip for the coming sailing season.

This was previously the sailing record card of Varen Doe Je Samen!, now it is the free PDF or printed glossy of meerdaagsesloepenreizen.nl. Rob and Esther Steenbrink, owners of a beautiful sloop, have listed the most practical tips, beautiful routes, preparation and information for you in 78 pages.

Multi-day sloop trips are becoming increasingly popular and with it the demand for information. They managed to respond intelligently to this by combining their experiences and various tours in a document. The PDF of the book ‘Multi-day trips with the sloop’ can be downloaded for free here. Do you prefer a tangible magazine? No problem, you can also order these on the website.

Our Bull sloops and The Next are ideal for sailing these routes, and with a Bullit it is no problem either!

Get inspired and get more out of your sloop.