Want to keep your Sunbrella cushion set as good as new for a long time? One of the best ways is to spray the fabric monthly with clean water. This prevents dirt from soaking into the fabric and reduces the need for thorough cleaning. Below some more tips to keep your cushions looking GOOD!

  1. Give you cushion set a thorough cleaning when needed. Usually this is done very two to three years.
  2. Are you using bleach? Protect the other items around the Sunbrella cushions well. Some fabrics or objects can be discolored by bleach. Also, make sure you always rinse the cushio set thoroughly.
  3. Never machine dry the fabric, Sunbrella fabric dries very quickly when outdoors.
  4. Is your fabric wrinkled? No worries, you can use an iron to make it straight again! Note: only use the synthetic setting on your machine for this. To be sure, test on a small inconspicuous piece of fabric first before ironing the entire item. Some irons can get hotter on the synthetic setting.
  5. Do not use steam when ironing or iron on the steam setting.
  6. Never have Sunbrella fabric dry cleaned.

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