Do you know what to do to get out on the water safely now that the boating season has started again? To refresh your memory, we have listed 7 tips for you.

  1. Make sure your boat is (technically) in order before you go sailing. Think, for example, of full and clean tanks, full batteries, check the cooling water and the oil level;
  2. Check the weather forecasts!;
  3. Know the sailing rules, take a good look around you and make sure that you are seen yourself;
  4. Sail as much as possible to the right (starboard) side of the fairway. Do not suddenly change course;
  5. Stay out of the blind spot of big cargo ships. This blind spot is sometimes 350 meters. TIP: If you see the skipper in his wheelhouse, he can see you too;
  6. Don’t push past bridges and locks, but don’t float around either. Pass smoothly and safely;
  7. Sail alcohol-free. As in road traffic, the legal limit for shipping is 0.5 per mille.