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Do you know the rules of sailing and what good seamanship is? On the water you are never alone, sailing is something you do together. You will find water sports enthusiasts, recreational sailors, inland waterway skippers and/or other professional skippers. The website gives you everything you need for a well prepared sailing trip so you can take into account your own safety and that of others.

For example, you can download a poster with tips for safe sailing or a sailing map with the basic rules for sailing on Dutch waterways. Think for example of the most important rules of right of way, what the different buoys and cardinals mean, all road signs on the water and the bridge lights. If you ask us: super useful!

On the website of Varen doe je Samen (sailing is something you do together) you will find a lot of this kind of information, maps, apps, junctions, news and essential tips. In fact, the website not only pays attention to the private market, but also the professional boaters. That’s what ‘Sailing Together is all about!”

Take a look!