Bullit 540 outboard

“A tender is a ship that traditionally served to transport mail and passengers with their hand luggage to a seagoing vessel that is on stream or on the roadway.” – Wikipedia

The name ‘Tender’ comes from the English ‘to tend’ which means to take care of. The history of the tender tells us that tenders used to supply not only radio ships, but also well-known ‘pirates’ such as Radio Caroline and Radio Veronica. In addition, you often see tenders hanging in the davits of cruise ships to serve as lifeboats or to bring passengers ashore. These are often tenders executed as an M.O.B. (man over board), is a small boat equipped with powerful engines. They are usually used in “man overboard” or MOB situations or when coming to the rescue of other ships in difficulty.

Nowadays we often see tender boats as more heavily motorized lifeboats or they are used to achieve high speeds while practicing water sports. The choice also often falls on tenders when sailing on rough or open waters (for example by fire brigades).

Sporty sailing with a tender

Are you looking for comfort, power and speed? Then we recommend one of our Bullit Tenders. The Bullit range has different sizes of tenders, specially designed for different purposes and number of passengers.

Advantages of the indestructible Bullit aluminum tender boats:

  1. Equipped with a specially designed underwater hull for sporty performance;
  2. Can be equipped with powerful engines;
  3. Remain unprecedentedly stable, also in wave action;
  4. Surprisingly little depth;
  5. Comfort and speed.

Check out our sporty tender motor boats here.