Why an aluminium boat?

Compared  to polyester boats, aluminum boats are more durable, easier to repair and adapt to the wishes of the customer/owner and also non-flammable. An aluminum boat does not rust and has a high residual value.


Aluminum has a better strength-to-weight ratio than most other shipbuilding materials. Aluminum is extremely dimensionally stable: it will not deform quickly. An aluminum boat easily weighs about thirty to forty percent less than a similarly sized polyester boat, and 45-55% less than comparable steel boats. The lighter weight has a number of advantages. For example, with equal dimensions you get more speed with an aluminum boat with the same propulsion power and it consumes less fuel.


Aluminum is recycled again and again while maintaining quality. Remelting takes only five percent of the energy needed to make new aluminum. The oldest aluminum seaworthy yacht from 1936 and is still in operation.

An aluminum boat is very strong. It can withstand powerful deformations that cause steel or polyester to crack while aluminum then merely bends. Aluminum boats are also easier to repair than polyester boats. With aluminum boats, dents can usually be easily dented out with a hammer. And if it is really necessary, a severly damaged part can be cut out and replaced.

Because aluminum boats are not formed in a mold, as with polyester boats, modifications are easy to perform. Parts such as console, railings, tanks and bollards can be moved or modified fairly easily. Shortening a seat, reinforcing the transom or adjusting the spray rails are also possibilities.


An aluminium boat is almost twice as light as a polyester boat. This also makes them easier to reach higher speeds with less engine power. Another advantage of less weight is that aluminum boats are very easy to trailer.

Low maintenance

Or better yet… as good as NO maintenance. That saves time and money! Protection by means of paint on the outside is not necessary. The material is also seawater proof and resistant to weather such as moisture, UV radiation and wind. Aluminum can not rust, rot or warp. With an aluminum boat you know you’re good.

Our boats are equipped with an anode. An anode can be seen as a sacrificial block. The block is made of magnesium or brittle aluminum, a lesser metal than aluminum. As a result, unwanted particles in the water attract to the anode and not to the boat. Want to know more about an anode? Click here >>