We see electrical developments increase more and more on the water. For example, there are more and more areas where you are no longer allowed to sail with a combustion engine, but only with an electric boat. Municipalities, such as Amsterdam and Utrecht, are now, or will be in the near future, prohibiting sailing with an internal combustion engine in their canals. So with the purchase of an – or the use of an – electric boat you are completely ‘future proof’. 

We at Alumax Boats have noticed that, in addition to the environmental impact, silence is also a motivation to go electric. You can enjoy the environment more when the engine makes almost no sound at all. Besides the before mentoined urban areas, there are also more and more ares ‘in the province’ that discourage or prohibit noisy boating routes in Friesland where you are only allowed to sail with an electric boat. We see this kind of development popping up in more places in the Netherlands. The forerunner of this is of course Giethoorn, where landlords have been allowed to exclusively rent out electric boats since 1992.

Unlike in the past, batteries are no longer so heavy, quickly drained or unreliable. The batteries that Alumax Boats uses for our electric boats are relatively light, charge faster and can discharge deeper. The advantages are even greater if you choose lithium batteries but, you also pay more for them. We expect this price difference to shrink in the coming years.

Parallel to the rise of electric sailing, more and more charging points are becoming available. The rise and development of electric sailing has also had consequences for the design of our boats. We have optimized the shape with small adjustments so that comfort and convenience are still guaranteed.

We live in special times where a lot is asked of us. The need for relaxation stimulates the demand for other forms of entertainment. Sailing with, for example, the electric The Next sloop is equal to ultimate enjoyment and relaxation in a peaceful environment.

With an electric boat, you don’t just choose electric boating because it has to be done in the future, but because it can be done.