Bullit 600 E

The Bullit 600 E is an aluminum lightweight boat of 2.15m wide and 6.00m long. The Bullit 600 has a draft of 0.40m and a headroom of 1.15m. The hull weight is 600kg. The lightweight aluminum tender also has a remarkably shallow draft and is characterized by excellent sailing characteristics, stability and style. An advantage of aluminum boats is that they are low-maintenance, they can remain in the water during the winter and if necessary they can freeze. Above all, aluminum is vandal-proof, as it cannot be broken. This makes our boats resistant to vandalism. The Bullit 600 is multifunctional, which is why this indestructible aluminum boat – with the necessary modifications – is also used as a work boat. Think of inspection, fire fighting, patrol or enforcement boats.

Why electric?

The choice for a durable electric motor is one for the future. In some areas, you are now only allowed to sail electrically, which is why we offer most models electrically. The advantages of electric boating are, among other things, that it is more maintenance-friendly, quieter and it is usually a must for rental licences.

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Why an aluminum boat?


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