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The Next is an excellently constructed aluminum sloop with very pleasant sailing behavior. “Who can not sail in The Next, can not sail in anything”, said well-known water sports journalist Epco Ongering about the boat. The aluminum boat is 5.30 m long and 2.00 m wide. The draft is 0.45m and the vertical clearance is 1.07m. The hull weight is 400kg and the design category is D.

Despite its dimensions, The Next offers a surprising amount of space, making it the ideal boat for a family, rental or group of friends. Thanks to its solid aluminum construction, The Next is hufterproof. The thick bumper ensures that you do not have to worry about a scratch. This comfortable aluminum boat is – like all other boats from Alumax – low maintenance and self-draining. All Alumax boats have self-draining valves in the skin so that water easily runs out of the boat. Very handy for cleaning the boat! The Next is available with or without an outboard motor.

Why electric?

The choice for a durable electric motor is one for the future. In some areas you are only allowed to sail with an electric motor, which is why we offer most models with an electric motor. The advantages of electric boating are, among others, that it is more maintenance friendly, more quiet and for rental permits it is usually a must.

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Why an aluminum boat?


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