An absolutely indestructible and also seaworthy fishing boat. The Sportfisher can be delivered in 2 different sizes. Safe and equipped with all options for a perfect fishing day. In the large console is room for e.g. a toilet or fish-bunker. The fishing boat is made of seawater-resistant aluminium and has a surprisingly low draft. The Alumax Sportfisher is completely made to measure. All Alumax boats have selfdraining valves in the skin, which makes it easy to drain the water from the boat. Very handy for cleaning the boat! Please note: if a boat goes faster than 20 km per hour, a boating licence is required.

Sportfisher 19: 5.80 m long and 2.15 m wide. The draft is 0.27m, the cockpit height is 1.50m and the design category is C. Up to 2x 130hp engines can be used.

Sportfisher 22: 6.70m long and 2.42m wide. The draft is 0.31 and the cockpit height is 1.50 m. The design category is C. Up to 2x 175hp engines can be used.

In an ultimate cooperation with you, we make the ideal fishing boat according to your wishes! Look for the possible options in the downloadable price list.

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