More and more we see the desire to gather more information. People want to see more of their surroundings: where they are sailing and know where others are sailing. One wants to be able to read the data from the outboard engines: how fast are you sailing, how much fuel is being used and how much fuel is left. Reason for renewal!

Multi Function Display

“Advanced outboard motors require an advanced display.” – Suzuki NL. With the advent of Drive-by-Wire in our most used outboard engines, a multifunctional display could not be left behind. Suzuki offers the complete picture where all information is literally at your fingertips. The screens come in 7-inch, 9-inch, 12-inch and 16-inch sizes, as well as a more compact gauge display.


Up to four Drive-by-Wire outboard engines can be linked or two mechanically controlled outboard engines. A fishfinder can also be installed with additional applications. Also, for larger displays: a multibeam sonar module. All displays have GPS with a basic map that can be expanded with maps from C-Map. For the 12 and 16 inch displays, both C-Map an Navionics charts are available. A combination of engine data and map display can be shown on the screen.

Would you like to see what such a multi-function display from Suzuki looks like in combination with a 140HP or 175HP Drive-by-Wire outboard engine? Then come and test sail the Bullit 600 or Bullit 660 during the test days on 11 and 12 september!