On Saturday 11 and Sunday 12 September we will again be holding the Alumax Trial Sailing Days in the port of Meppel.

The following boats are waiting for you that weekend:

The Next E (for sale) | Bull 50 E (for sale) | Bull 60 E | Bull 60 inboard (for sale) | Bullit 470 outboard | Bullit 540 outboard | Bullit 600 inboard | Bullit 600 outboard (special demo) | Bullit 660 outboard (for sale)

To ensure that you can test sail in the desired boat at the desired time, we have drawn up a schedule with time slots of one and a half hours. Trial sailing is only possible by appointment and with a maximum of 2 people.

We adhere to the then applicable rule regarding corona.

Call or email us to reserve your spot! +31 522 24 22 12 | info@alumaxboats.nl