Alumax Fireboats: protection on the water in times of need!

Fireboats are an essential part of maritime rescue, and at Alumax Boats we are committed to providing high-quality, multi-purpose fireboats equipped with the latest technologies and designed to respond quickly and effectively to emergencies on the water. Let’s take a look at some fireboats and how they are used by different fire departments.


Worker 41 Vietnam

- One firefighting watergun on the roof and one firefighting watergun on the deck;
- Push block;
- Foldable radar bracket;
- Sonar- and GPS systems;
- Spacious aft deck;
- Toilet in forepeak;
- 5 seats;
Equipped with 2x 480HP inboard engines, top speed 70km/h.
Fire engine: 1x V6 270HP.


BULLIT 660 Zwolle / Olst

- Collapsible radar bracket for clearance;
- Elastisc grab lines for diving work;
- Welded lifting points;
- Multi door in the side;
- Two passages to swimming platforms;
- SSE Diving system;
Equipped with a 90HP outboard engine, top speed 60km/h.


BULLIT 660 Heeg / Balk

- Foldable radar bracket for clearance;
- Multi door in the side;
- Entry at the front;
- Push block;
- Stretcher;
-GPS systems;
- Double bumper;
- Sit/stand seats behind console;
Equipped with a 200hp outboard engine, top speed 84km/h.

IMG_0522 - kopie

BULLIT 600 Olst

- Elastic grab line on the hull for diving activities;
- Welded lifting points for launching in difficult places;
- Suction pipe for mobile fire pump;
- Folding windshield on the console;
- Folding radar bracket for clearance;
- Multidoor in the side for lifeboat or diving;
Equipped with a 70HP outboard engine, top speed 65 km/h.

bullit 540 brandweerboot

BULLIT 540 Ossenzijl

- Folding radar bracket for clearance;
- Mobile engine fire pump with suction pipe;
- Room for stretcher in cockpit;
- Stand position for captain;
Equipped with a 70HP outboard engine, top speed: 60 km/h.

Alumax Boats: Your Partner in Fireboats

Alumax Boats has established itself as a leading supplier of fire boats that meet the highest standards of quality, performance and reliability. Our boats are used worldwide by various fire departments in emergencies such as waterborne firefighting, rescue operations and patient transport.

Our fire boats are built based on our versatile Bullit series, which is known for its low weight and unique sailing characteristics. This makes them capable of being on the scene quickly with a powerful engine, even in difficult conditions.

In addition, all of our boats are custom made, allowing us flexibility in design and layout to meet the specific needs of each fire department. Whether it’s a multi-door for lifting drowning persons or shorter front seats for more stretcher space, we adapt to your requirements.

In 2021, we proudly delivered our first Worker 41 as a “Fire & Rescue” boat, equipped with all the modern tools to respond to emergencies on international waters.

Do you have specific requirements for a fire boat? Then please contact us! Tel: +31 522 24 22 12 | Email:

At Alumax Boats we are ready to provide you with high quality fire boats that ensure safety on the water, even in times of emergency.