Worker 750

The Worker 750 was once developed in collaboration with BAM International for a project in Sierra Leone. The aluminum workboat is 7.50m long and 2.45m wide. The draft is 0.80m and the headroom 2.60m. The hull weight is 1600kg. Because of the versatility and the strong base of the aluminum workboat, the Worker 750 can be used for various purposes.

Meanwhile, this maintenance-free workboat is already sailing for various customers as survey boat, patrol boat, fire department, surveillance and police boat. The V-bottom underwater hull ensures good sailing properties and prevents spray water. Also, the workboats 650 and 750 are easy to trailer and the weight including trailer remains under 3500kg.

Standard, this workboat is equipped with 57 HP (4JH57) Yanmar inboard diesel engine, but gasoline or diesel outboard is also possible. In addition, the workboats are all equipped with self-draining cockpit floor, solid push bow or fender in front of the bow. These almost indestructible and flame-resistant workboats can be equipped according to your wishes.

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