Worker 33

The aluminum workboat Worker 33 originated from a wish of the Scheveningen Port Authority. The main task of the indestructible workboat was to be able to remove floating objects from the water under one-man steering. By making outside steering possible, the skipper can take over completely outside the wheelhouse and take position next to the floating object. The workboat is 10m long and 3.30m wide. The draft is 0.75m and the headroom 2.60. The hull weight is 3500kg.

Maintenance, inspection and measurement of the steel sheet piling in the harbor.

To check the cathodic protection layer on the sheet piling, a special bow was designed for the aluminum workboat. This fits exactly against the sheet piling and under its concrete beam, the ladder on the foredeck makes it possible to carry out the measurement from the water in a health and safety manner.
In short, whatever your wishes are…. Our aluminum workboats can be obtained completely according to your wishes.


The Worker 33 is a sustainable boat thanks to the use of aluminium and its low emissions. The Yanmar 170PK (4LV170) common rail diesel engine is the first to be used in the Netherlands. The combination of a 15KW Krautler Hybrid drive and a multi belt transmission on the main engine shaft allows the boat to go electric for a full day with the same steering system. Within one night the battery is fully charged again. There are fewer vulnerable parts placed underwater by this hybrid solution. By using one rudder and one rudder, maintenance is also reduced to a minimum.

In addition to the above equipment the Worker 33 was chosen to include a toilet, kitchen with hot and cold water, storage space, 6 seats, navigation equipment including radar, large self-draining cockpit and outside steering.

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