From Friday, July 17 to Monday, August 10, we will be celebrating a vacation. We look back on a very special spring in which our country was hit by the Corona pandemic. This had major consequences for our company…

It was only recently that we were suddenly turned away from the HISWA in the RAI. That moment is still very clear in our minds. It was all so surreal… We also admit that we were quite worried at that time. Besides our health, we were also thinking about the consequences of Corona on our company.

We are now four months on and we have had the most hectic time in our 17 years of business. The phone has been ringing almost continuously after the HISWA. The orders came from literally EVERYWHERE. We also heard from colleagues that it seemed like the whole of the Netherlands wanted a boat.

Our team worked their asses off. Our suppliers were almost disturbed by us. Sorry Dincer, Jan, Thomas, Henk Jan and all the others… Because, of course, everything had to be quick, quicker and quickest… But the happy faces of our customers compensated for a lot, of not all. We are proud to have made many people happy in these difficult times. But we didn’t do that alone.

We thank our staff, our customers, suppliers, friends and family for their help, support and ideas! We wish you a warm summer and a safe cruise. We will be back on August 10th.


Jarno Visscher and Remko Germeraad