The Alumax RJ28: an ultimate weekender with luxury and durability

Welcome aboard the Alumax RJ28, a masterpiece of innovation and comfort that exceeds every expectation. This 8-meter long and 3-meter wide aluminum boat is not just any boat; it is a boat with a bed, a perfect weekender and an embodiment of durability and hybrid technology.

Sleeping on the water

Imagine gently rocking on the lapping water while enjoying the comfort of a spacious double bed in the cabin. The Alumax RJ28 is not just a boat; it is an oasis of relaxation on the water, perfect for those looking for a unique boat with bed experience.

A true weekender

For those who crave weekend adventures and relaxation on the water, the RJ28 is the ultimate companion. Complete with all the amenities you need – running water, toilet, and a refrigerator – this boat makes for an unforgettable weekender.

Durability in aluminum

With durability paramount, the RJ28 is made entirely of high-quality aluminum. This not only makes the boat lightweight and maneuverable, but also stands the test of time. Less maintenance, more time on the water – a dream for every boating enthusiast.

The hybrid future of boating

The RJ28 is distinguished not only by luxury and comfort, but also by innovative hybrid technology. This hybrid boat offers the ability to cruise silently through canals, while on open waters you switch effortlessly to powerful inboard propulsion. It is the future of boating, here and now.