Press release

Remko in Watertaxi

Remko Germeraad strengthens board of Dutch Yacht Building Industry (NJI)

Remko Germeraad, CEO of Alumax Boats B.V. of Meppel, recently joined the board of the Dutch Yacht Building Industry (NJI). His appointment as general member of the board underlines his commitment to strengthening the position of the Dutch yacht building industry and actively supporting affiliated members in their business operations.

Together with Jarno Visscher, Remko Germeraad (47) has owned aluminum boat builder Alumax Boats B.V. since 2003. Started in Hasselt (OV), the brothers-in-law settled a few years later in the Meppel part of Port of Zwolle where they and their team develop, build and deliver aluminum boats for individuals and professionals around the world. Germeraad is looking forward to his membership on the main board. “The time has come when I can give something back to the industry with my knowledge and experience. We face some major challenges that we must face together. After all, as an industry we have a great name to uphold.”

As a branch group of the Koninklijke Metaalunie, the NJI fulfills a crucial role in promoting the growth and development of the Dutch yacht building industry. The accession of Remko Germeraad to the board promises new perspectives and expertise that will contribute to strengthening the position of the Netherlands as a world leader in yacht building and maritime innovation.

In short, the collaboration between Remko Germeraad and the NJI promises to provide a promising boost to the Dutch yacht building industry as they jointly strive for excellence and sustainable growth in this thriving sector.