Recently the renowned water sports journalist Epco Ongering tested The Next, our newest model electric sloop. The results can be read in an extensive blog on the site of Botentekoop.nl. Thus Ongering states among other things that “who can not sail in this [….] will never be able to sail”.

The test took place during an extensive cruise on the waters in- and around Meppel, home port of Alumax Boats. Epco Ongering, known among other things for his TV programmes on RTL and SBS, figuratively turned The Next inside out during this trip.

He was surprised by the sailing characteristics of The Next. “The steering behavior of The Next is exemplary. Those who can’t sail with it will never learn to sail. The turning circle was mode on both sides within its own length (5,3m) and you sail just as easily backwards as forwards. This is a boat that hardly requires any instruction: just get in and sail away!”

Epco Ongering also describes construction of The Next in his test: “The construction with 5mm thick aluminum, 40cm span and a checker plate floor is very solid, but simply finished. Details such as the draining holes show the experience of the shipyard. These are placed in a seperate trench at the rear of the cockpit, which prevents wet feet. In addition to a sturdy round pot lid, The Next is protected by a whide rubber bumper. Under the foredeck, the driver’s bench and the aft deck is storage space, but under the other benches the space is open. This is due to the desire to keep the construction as simple as possible. Modifications are always possible, but then an additional price applies”.

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