Suzuki has already introduced four-cylinder outboard engines with Drive-by-Wire to their successful models 150HP to 350HP. In 2020 she also added the popular 115HP and 140HP. Our brand new Bullit 600 demo features the DF140BG with improved performance and superior fuel economy. Read on to learn more about Drive-by-Wire and its benefits.

What is Drive-by-Wire?

Previously there was a traditional mechanical connection (with a cable) between the accelerator pedal and the engine. Drive-by-Wire is – in short – an electronic throttle. The engines have a very direct throttle response, they shift silky smooth, the performance is even better and the engines are also more efficient with fuel consumption. The reliability and precise operation of Suzuki’s Drive-by-Wire has been successfully tested for years.

Bullit 600 DEMO Alumax

The Bullit 600 demo with Suzuki’s four-cylinder outboard engine DF140BG will be the first to be seen during our sea trials on September 11 and 12. Do you want to know how a Drive-by-Wire system works and sails?

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