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Meppel – Alumax Boats has designed a new aluminum model in its passenger transport line. The Alumax Waterbus Fifty is fifteen meters long, runs fully electric and seats fifty passengers. The first two Waterbus Fifty boats will serve as a means of public transport in Delft starting in summer 2023. The Delft aluminum boats will have a hydraulic roof allowing them to pass under a number of low bridges. CEO Remko Germeraad expresses great satisfaction with the Alumax Waterbus Fifty. “This new model is a valuable addition to our line of models specifically for passenger transportation.”

Delft gets the scoop

The Waterbus Fifty will operate in Delft, under the name Waterbus Delft, as public transport from Delft Station. Along the way it will make a substantial number of stops, linking various knowledge and cultural institutions, businesses and neighborhoods in Delft in a sustainable way. Mobility Alderman of Delft Martina Huijsmans is pleased with the arrival of the Waterbus in Delft. “Innovations like this contribute to a wide range of sustainable mobility in our city. And offer an attractive alternative to the car. By also making use of the water, the car can be left behind more often.”

Last mile

Initiators of Waterbus Delft are Kees Schonebaum and Tomas te Velde. “We are very pleased to have a first in Delft with sustainable and innovative “last mile” passenger transport by water. This will connect different neighborhoods along the Schie in Delft with each other and the city center.”

The Waterbus Fifty is a new model for Alumax Boats, adding to the series of Watertaxi 10, Watertaxi 20 and Watertaxi 30 models made famous by Watertaxi Rotterdam, among others.