For speed demons who like fast sailing (faster than 20Km/h), it is sometimes not clear where this is allowed and where it’s not. In the Netherlands there are a number of fast sailing areas, here you can sail fast to prevent nuisance for other water sports enthusiasts, local residents and nature.

On you will find an overview of all fast sailing areas in the Netherlands. On that map you will also find water ski courses. Sometimes boat builders or dealers receive a special exemption to be able to test sail the boat (fast and slow) under a YY number. So don’t “I see another boat sailing fast, so I can too!”.

Fines for violations

(for boats up to 20 meters. Higher amounts apply for larger ships).

  1. Violation max. speed up to 6km/h too fast = €100,-;
  2. from 6 to 15 km/h too fast €150,-;
  3. from 15 to 25 km/h too fast = €220,-;
  4. 25km/h or more too fast = subpoena.


  1. Where it is prohibited  = €250,-;
  2. Without a lookout from a person of at least 15 years old = €250,-
  3. Antisocial behavior of the water skier = €400,-
    This fine is for the waterskier him/herself, not the captain of the boat.

Other violations

  1. Sailing without a license = €600,-;
  2. Sailing while a person steering is under the age of 18 = €220,-;
  3. Not using a dead man’s button/cord = €250,-;
  4. No sufficient fire extinguisher on board = €150,-;
  5. Motor boat not registered or registration mark wrongly applied = €150,-;
  6. Sailing a fast motorboat standing up without wearing a life jacket = €100,-;
  7. Nuisance due to antisocial drivers behaviour = €400,-;
  8. No life jacket on board = €50,-
    Two life jackets not on board = €75,-
    Three life jackets not on board = €110,-
    From 5 or more life jackets not on board €250,-.

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