Alumax Boats: Home of the Water taxi

 The water taxis depart or arrive at fifty different docks in Rotterdam. The Water taxis also solve a transport problem because they the aluminium water taxis are very popular with tourists and commuters because they ensure that you get to your destination quickly without getting stuck in traffic jams.

 About the aluminium water taxi

Watertaxi Rotterdam consists out of fifteen fast MSTX taxis, eight of which are built by Alumax Boats namely, the MSTX 7 up to and including the MSTX 15. Alumax Boats has also been allowed to build the Plug-in Hybrid Watertaxi (PHW). In addition, the fleet also consists of three classic water taxis and a fully electric water taxi; the HNY 6th. These water taxis can carry up to twelve passengers on the MSTX boats and the PHW, and eight on the classic water taxis and the HNY 6t

MSTX 7 – MSTX 15

In these water taxis the passengers sit one behind the other and, in good weather, they can sit on de stern benches in de the open air. The MSTX 7 – 15 are driven by Cummins diesel engines with a maximum speed of 58 km per hour. The water displacement is 4.500 kg.

  • LOA: 10.47 meters;
  • WOA: 3.18 meters;
  • Maximum draft: 0,51 meters;
  • Clearance heigt: 2.246 meters;
  • Maximium capacity: 12 people;
  • Propulsion: Diesel engine, Cummins QSL-9-405 MCD, 298 KW;
  • Plate thickness: minimum off 55mm (hull) to maximum 12 mm (engine foundation);

The entrance is standard on the starboard side. The open balcony is at the back and can be closed with glass doors. The water taxi is acoustically insulated exclusively for Waterweg Rotterdam so that passengers can still talk to each other. Unique: the skipper can operate everything from his seat with one arm!

"I can operate the Watertaxi with one arm if I want to!"

Skipper MSTX15

Plug-In Hybride Watertaxi (PHW)

In the PHW, the passengers sit opposite each other and, in good weather, the stern can be opened. The PHW is driven by two Volvo motors and a Torqeedo Deep Blue electric motor. There is also a side power-screw at the bow. The maximum speed is 25 km per hour.

The new full electric Watertaxi XL

On behalf of the municipality of Rotterdam, Metropolitan Rotterdam The Hague and Port of Rotterdam, Watertaxi Rotterdam will provide a number of scheduled services from 1 January 2022. For the sailing services, seven new zero-emission boats are being built by Alumax Boats. Of the seven boats, four have a capacity of 40 people and two a capacity of 18 people. Bicycles can also be carried on these last two boats. 

The water taxis are 12.5 meters long and 3.5 meters wide. Also read this article about the future hydrogen plans 

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