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Zwagers Boating introduces the Alumax Sportfisher 22. Absolutely indestructible and also seaworthy. Safe and equipped with all options for a perfect fishing day. There is space for a toilet in the large console. Of course this enormous space can also be used for other things, such as a fish tank. The Alumax Fisher is completely tailored. We provide the basis, you provide us with your ideas for your ideal fishing boat. Come to Meppel to discuss the possibilities. Available in 19-20 and 22 feet.


Sportfisher   19   20   22
L.O.A.   5.80 m   6.10 m   6.70 m
Witdh (o.a.)   2.15 m   2.30 m   2.42 m
Draft   0.27 m   0.28 m   0.31 m
Vertical clearance   1.50 m   1.50 m   1.50 m
Hull shape   V-bottom   V-bottom   V-bottom
Building material   5 mm. alu   5 mm. alu   5 mm. alu
Engine   tot 2x130 HP   tot 2x150 HP   tot 2x175 HP
Design category   CE-C   CE-C   CE-C