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Hal 7 stand nr. 212


The Alumax 660 Tender is a true spaceship. The spacious round seat in the front and the seat for the steering console seats 6 people. Behind the wheel 2 people and thanks to the clever construction of the storage box, 4 people can also sit comfortably back to back. This brings the total to 12 seats!

Many seating positions are possible because the rollers can be placed in all kinds of ways. And if you are planning a pleasant afternoon with friends, a bar with 10 cup holders can also be placed in the back. The round seat in the front can be converted into a spacious sun bed in no time.

It is also possible to create a huge sun bed in the back. You will also have plenty of storage space. There is a huge amount of space under the round seat, under the seat for the steering console and in the back of the boat. A stereo, refrigerator, ski pole, docking lights, navigation lighting and LED lighting in the cockpit are optionally available, but actually essential for a fantastic day (and evening) on the water.

Weather it’s for water skiing, wake boarding, lounging, sunbathing or just cruising around, the possibilities are endless with this striking tender.


Length (o.a.).
: 6.60 m
Witdh (o.a.)
: 2.35 m
with bumper
: 0.25 m -
with trimmed tail piece
Vertical clearance
: 1.05 m
including steering position
: 650 kg HULL
: V-bottom with spray rail
: 4 mm. aluminium

: outboard up to 250 hp